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Welcome to MuttShots Photography. My name is Molly Olavarria and I’m a photographer, artist and believer of being true to myself and others in everything I do. Along the twists and turns of life, pets have grounded me with their unbridled affection and loyal companionship. It is here that I immersed myself in a passion for pet portraiture and www.muttshots-photography.com was born.

After many years as a pet photographer, I've successfully worked with hundreds of pets at every level of training and every personality type under the sun. I've learned many tips along the way. Sessions are about capturing personality, character, heart and soul. For more information about me and my photography, contact me today!


What I Can Offer

Professional Pet Photography Services
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Family & Pet Photoshoot

Memories are Forever

I’m in the business of creating memories, and I want to make sure yours are truly magical. Each session with my clients is personalized and custom designed to fit their needs and tastes. If this is the service you’re looking for, have a look at my rates and get in touch to book an initial consultation today.

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Cat Portraits

An Experience to Remember

With HD technology and a fresh concept, www.muttshots-photography.com has the talent and expertise to capture the magical moments of life. Each client is looking for a unique experience, and I aim to discover their preferences from the first meeting. Hire me today and feel the difference of working with a true professional.

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Puppy Photoshoot

Images to Treasure

After years of dedication to the world of photography, I’m expanding my services. With my attention to detail and a personalized approach, you’re going to love how your new photographs will turn out. If you’re interested in booking this service, please check my calendar for availability and give me a call today.

Contact me today to find out more about what I can offer you.

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